Tourist Guides

Tourist Guides Awards are awarded Registered Tourist Guides that have gone beyond the call of duty to make a tourist's experience worthwhile. The Tourist guide awarded is not only very knowledgeable of South Africa and it's offerings in their respective field, but is also professional and ensures that the tourist has a memorable experience in South Africa.

Unlike the other Service Excellence Awards, the Tourist Guides Awards are nomination based. Visitors or members of the tourism industry are encouraged to nominate tourist guides that have made their experience in South Africa worthwhile.

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Nature Guides

These guides interpret the natural heritage of sites and educate visitors about the different aspects of a particular area. Nature guides are knowledgeable about the natural environment, including in-depth knowledge about the flora and fauna of a particular area.


Culture Guides

These guides conduct tours with an emphasis on cultural heritage and educate visitors on the different aspects of a particular area including but not limited to art, township history, cultural experiences in rural villages, museums, historic buildings, etc.


Adventure Guides

These guides conduct any outdoor recreation leisure activities with an element of risk involved including but not limited to rock-climbing, abseiling, hiking, mountain–climbing, etc.